Established in 1976

Faculty profile, adequacy, and competency of faculty

The faculty is adequate, competent to carry out the teaching and research activities:  Member worked as a paper setter, Worked as the evaluator, Participated in designing and framing of a syllabus and  Participated in various college activities.
Curriculum Aspect: Curriculum Designing and  Revision of SyllabusThe faculty has actively participated in framing and revision of semester syllabus of Karnataka University, Dharwad in the month of November-2005. The faculty member has framed syllabus of Sanskrit for Rani Channamma University, Belagavi in the month of May-2011. The faculty has actively participated in University Examination work like paper setting & evaluation. A curriculum is designed for bridge courses, remedial classes,  enrichment classes & courses for Spoken Sanskrit.  Department collected feedbacks from students, parents, academic peers, employer etc. about the curriculum.

Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation:  Remedial classes for weak students, Enrichment classes for advanced learners, Bride course for newly admitted students,  The performance of students is being evaluated through tests, assignments, projects and field works.

Research Consultancy & Extension: Faculty is carrying research projects every year, involving students funded by the college and from the contribution of the faculty.

Titles of the projects: “Appealing for the implementation of Morals of Ramayana amongst the interested persons”, “Shreeman-Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnayada Vaishishtya”, “Upliftment of Mankind will only be through pleasing Almighty”, “Shreeman-Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnadalliya Ramayaneya Nirupaneya Vaishishtya”.

Faculty edited and published three religious magazines during the year 2004, 2007 & 2009,

Published a number of articles in religious magazines:  Faculty involved in various social religious activities delivering ‘Lecture-series’ on Bhagavadgeeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata, Upanishads and on such other outstanding works of Sanskrit literature and on spoken Sanskrit to the interested audience. The students of the Department are participating in these activities.

Journals, Magazines of Sanskrit & E-Resources:
  Sambhashana Sandesha (Edited & Published from Bangalore), Sanskrit Chandamama (Edited & Published from Chennai), Inabinet, Trends in the success and drop out rates of students in the past two years.

The success rate is presently 100%. The drop out rate is 25%
   (the drop out primarily is due to their getting a seat in D.Ed course, which gives them early job opportunityPlacement record of the past students and the contribution of the department to aid student placements:  Many students are working as teachers and lecturers in different schools and colleges, The faculty advises the students in the enhancement of their career.

Plan of action of the department for the next five years:  Plan to guide the students for the involvement in social activities, Plan to apply for minor projects.