Prof. Md.Rahim Afzal, Head. Department of Psychology

Established in the year 1985


  • To impart the Knowledge of basic principles of psychology. Though Psychology is based upon universal principles, its understanding requires assimilation of its principles with reference to the local environment.
  • Efforts are made to present the principles of psychology and all other branches of psychology in the context of Indian circumstances.
  • To enable the students to understand the psychological forces that motivate the individual to behave in a  particular manner in his social environment.
  • To prepare the students, FOR EDUCATION, FOR OCCUPATION, FOR LIFE in this rapidly changing world.
  • To educate and train the students providing a clear and concise account of the different aspects of Counseling and guidance.
  • To enable the students to understand the basic principles of Motivation, Learning, Thinking, Memory, Perception etc for teaching, learning techniques, and guidance.

1. Prof. Md. Rahim Afzal (working as an Associate professor With 19 years experience )

2. Prof. Khajabandenawaj B.Bagwan (working as a lecturer With two years experience )

Department conducts bridge course for newly admitted students.
Conducting remedial classes for weak students and enrichment classes for advanced learners.
Arranging guest  lectures.
Psychology  Laboratory 
Department has a well-equipped laboratory.
Departmental Library 
The department has its own operating library consists textbooks,  journal,  sets of old question papers, syllabus copy etc to facilitate Students and Staff in addition to  College  Library.Innovative practices:

  • Involving the students in college research projects, seminars, and group discussions.
  • Modern teaching methods practiced in the Department and use of  ICT in teaching-learning (Using charts, LCD, LED & OHP etc).
  • Student presenting a Seminar in the class
  • The faculty has attended four national level seminars, conferences, and two workshops.
  • Faculty Members conduct personality development Classes for  BA & B.Sc Students.
  • Faculty Member Prof. Md. Rahim Afzal has Worked as Examiner for Karnataka Public Service
  • Commission paper evaluation for Head  Masters.
  • The faculty is BOS member for UG at KUD and BOS chairman for UG at RCU.
  • Department has organized the  two days Workshop to draft Psychology (UG)  Syllabus for Ranichannamma  University Belagavi.
Students admitted for B.A course with psychology as an optional subject for the year 2011-12.

Pass Percentage of B.A.II, IV, and VI Semester May 2011

B.A.II Semester- 88.89%
B.A.III Semester- 50%
B.A.VI Semester- 66%  (First class with distinction 33%)