Prof. Shamid Walikar
Qualifications: M.A. NET & KSET
Experience: 5 years
Designation: Guest Faculty
Publications: Papers-1
Cell: 8147558207
E-mail id: shamidmw@gmail.com

Dr.Yasmeen Bagewadi
Qualifications: M.A, Ph.D
Experience: 03 years
Designation: Guest Faculty
Publications: Papers-2
Cell:  8867338160  
E-mail id: ysmn.bgd1703@yahoo.com

Year of Establishment : 1972

Vision: The vision of the department is to impart knowledge of Shatriya, State and Regional language Kannada, its literature and functional Kannada to Non-Kannada speaking students.Mission: To impart  relevant, quality education to the students; to inculcate the values of Karnatak State and Indian culture; and  to teach the students the values of self reliance and service.

Career Opportunities: 
There are opportunities in teaching, research and as translators and Administrative Officers in various Departments and Journalists.

Members of staff have actively participated in framing and revision of semester syllabus of Karnataka University, Dharwad in 2005 and Rani Channamma University, Belgavi in the month of May-2011.
Members of faculty have also actively participate in University Examination work like paper setting, evaluators.Department have conducted 40 days certificate course as ‘Kannada Bhasha Kalike’, Remedial classes for weak students, Enrichment classes for advanced learners, Study circle, Bride course for newly admitted students. Success and Drop out Rates during past two years

Success Rate:   100%
Drop out Rate:   8%

Faculty members of the department are involved in Inter-disciplinary activities With the Dept of Hindi – a talk was conducted on “The importance of Language”.

Faculty Attended Conferences and seminars
The faculty member Dr. R.I.Chapparband  has been awarded Doctorate Degree on the  topic “Bijapur Jilleya Jatregalu in the year 1999”, he has published a book “Bijapur Jilleya  Jatregalu” in 2006. He is the auditor for the book “Folk Literature” of B.A I Semester of Rani  Channamma University, Belgavi.
Prof. R.V.Patil has registered for Ph.D degree in year 2007 on the topic “Veershaiva Laghu Sahitya Prakargalu”, he has published a book on “Shri Jathadhari Swamygal Jeevan Charitre”

He has presented the paper on “Hindi-Kannada Anuvad Sahitya” in the national level seminar held at B.L.D.E. Basveshwar Degree College B.Bagewadi in the year 2009, he has presented the paper on “Doordashan mattu Karnataka Samskruti” in the national level seminar held at S.V.M College Ilkal in the year 2010. He has presented the paper on “Bhasha Kalikeyalli Tantrajnyanad Alvadike” in the national level seminar held at Basveshwar Comm College Bagalkot  in the year 2011. Prasarbharati Akashwani Kendra Bijapur has broadcasted four chintanagalu. He has applied MRP on the topic “Bijapur Jilley Gramya Padagalu”

 Textbooks  Reference books
 Title  Copy  Title  Copy
 500  500  30  300

Plan of action for next five years
To apply for minor and major research projects, to organize state/national level seminar, to organize phonetic classes, to state level “Kavi Sammelan” and to have MoUs with other concerned departmentsJournals and Magazines of subject
Basav Path, Karnataka Darshan Janapad ,Vachan Chetan ,Mayura, Spardha Spoorti, Butti ,Spardha Chaitra  and Diksuchi