Dr. A.M.Raydurg

Qualifications: M.A., Ph.D
Experience:  31.08 years
Designation: Associate Professor
Publications: National – 14
International – 06
College Journals – 05
Books Edited – 02
Cell: 9008443630
Qualifications: M.A
Experience: 28.11 years
Designation: Associate Professor
Publications: National – 08
International – 07
College Journals – 02
Cell: 9449183390


Year of Establishment : 1979

Curriculum Aspect : Dr.A.M.Raydurg worked as a member of BOS in Geography for framing the UG syllabus of Karnataka University, Dharwad, Karnataka State Belgavi.

Faculty members participated and assisted as resource persons for the workshop on curriculum Development in Geography subject held on 05-02-2011 to 07-02-2011 at New Arts College, Tikota.

Dr.A.M.Raudurg worked as Chairman paper setter and moderator for B.A/B.Sc-I, II & III examination of KUD and RCUB. He also worked as evaluater for KAS and KES Examination of Karnataka Public Service Commission. Prof.Smt.B.S.Inamdar worked as paper setter and evaluator B.A/B.Sc-I, II & III examination of KUD & RCUB.

Dr.A.M.Raydurg completed Minor Research Project funded by UGC.

Success & Drop out Rates During Past Three  Batches
Success Rate:     100% , Ratio of Teacher to Student : 1: 84

Drop out Rate:     BI – 39, BII – 35, BIII-49

Methods of Assessment: Interaction in class room, seminar field works, assignments, internal tests, university exam, feedbacks, monthly meeting of staff members.

Advanced Equipment: Internet, LCD, OHP, 3D Maps models.

Faculty Improvement Programme: Attending Seminars, conferences, BOS meetings, Reading new editions and journals.

Numbers of Books

                          College Library                                                        Department Library

Total No. of Geography Books          : 1024

Total No. of Geography Books           : 450

Titles                                                   : 301                            Titles                                         : 30

Total No. of Journals                          : 02

Total Amount                                      : 1.64.507.00               Total Amount                   : 85.000.00

Department started donor’s library in 2005 with the contribution of both staff and students and collected about 500 books worth rupees 85.000/-