Criminology & Forensic Science

Department Of Criminology & Forensic Science

The college had embarked on an ambitious plan of creating a Department of Criminology to check and counter the growing menace of crime. Thus the Criminology course of teaching in Anjuman Degree college.

Established in The year 1982

Aims and Objectives 

 1. Interest in crime and justice is so great and so timely. Thus the students are equipped with scientific knowledge in the fast-changing globalized world.
2. To boost the understanding and improve your grades in Criminology.
Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Teaching Experience E-Mail ID Contact No. Photo
1 Dr .S.P.Talwar  M. A., Ph.D.  Asso. Prof 02 Years 7760597185
  •  Prof.I.A.Hafiz not only worked for curriculum designing in his capacity, as B.O.S and B.O.A.E member but also worked as a paper setter, for evaluation both theory and practical examination regularly since 2005 till date.
  • Framed the syllabus for Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) for Class I & II Officer.
  • Working as paper setter for Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC)
  • Worked as evaluator twice for KPSC Class I & II Officer Examination.
  • Designed curriculum for bridge course, remedial and enrichment classes.
  • Department collects feedbacks for evaluation of curriculum from students, parents and academic peers and employers.
  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  • The department has a well-equipped laboratory.
  • Separate staff room.
  • Department has a computer – Forensic Comparison Microscope and Trinocular microscope with Digital Camera Eye-Piece.
  • Fingerprint developing equipments; powder, liquid and gas.
  • Fuming gas chamber
  • Ultra Violet Cabinet
  • Books in library     287 books.
  • Departmental library      30 books
  • E-Resources
  • Infilibinet