One Day Training for Hajj pilgrims from Vijayapur and Bagalkot Districts

Anjuman-e-Islam’s Anjuman Arts Science & Commerce College Vijayapur and Karnataka State Hajj Committee-Bangalore jointly organised a One Day Training for Hajj pilgrims from Bijapur and Bagalkot Districts on 23rd May 2022.  More than 214 intending pilgrims participated and gained firsthand knowledge of performing Hajj.

The event was conducted under the Holy Presence and tutelage of Reverend Janab Hazrat Syed Shah Mehmood Peeran Peerzade Hussaini Hashmi Sahab-President, Anjuman-E-Islam and Chairman Governing Council, Bijapur.

Dr. Sayed Shah Murtuza Hussaini Hashmi Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Hashimpeer RH Bijapur in his Presidential Address highlighted the significance of performing               Hajj-one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  He opined that, when Muslims intend to perform Hajj, they are often reminded that the opportunity of pilgrimage is actually an invitation from Allah SWT to His house – the Holy Kaaba. He said, whoever performs Hajj with a pure heart return home free from their lifelong sins. Apart from symbolizing positivity and kindness, Hajj being a re-enactment of obedience and sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to Allah SWT is the highest form of honour earned by a Muslim.  

Hazrat Allama Maulana Waqar Azizi from Bombay imparted training to the Hajj pilgrims in particular and all minute details were communicated. The enthusiastic pilgrims had an active interaction where all their doubts were cleared.

Syed Zainul Abideen Peerzade Hussaini Hashmi Vice President                         Anjuman-E-Islam’s proposed the Vote of thanks by expressing a sense of heartfelt gratitude to each and every dignitary who graced the holy event with their cordial presence. 

Janab Md. Raufuddin Kachirewale, Chairman Karnataka State Hajj Committee Bangalore, Hazrat Syed Shah Takhi Peeran Jaansasheen wa Sajjada Nasheen Arkat Dargah Bijapur, Hazrat Syed Shahid Amin Chishti (Azhari Clan), Hazrat Syed Shah                   Md Yusuf Hussaini Hazrat Chanda Hussaini Gogi Shareef, Janab Nayeem Sahab Member Karnataka State Hajj Committee Bangalore, Smt. Rukkayya Begum Qureshi Member Karnataka State Hajj Committee Bangalore, Prof. Md Aslam Mujawar, Maulana Hafiz Waqeel Ahmed, Janab Abdul Hameed Athani Secretary Anjuman e Islam Bijapur, Alhaj Sajjada Peeran Mushrif, 1st Mayor of Bijapur City Corporation and Chairman-Anjuman B.Ed College and PU College for Girl- Bijapur, Prof. Abdul Rahim Nasar-Administrator, Janab Zameer Ahmed Bagalkot- member, Anjuman e Islam, Dr. A. N. Chattarki- Principal, Anjuman Degree College- Bijapur, press and media, invitees, staff and volunteers were present. Maulana Dr. Kaleemullah Hussaini initiated the programme with                       Tilawat-E-Quran, followed by Naath e Shareef by Prof. A M Siddiqui, Smt. Manjula                  and group sang Naad Geethe and the programme concluded by National Anthem.