2.3.2 – Teachers use ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process

Today, it is essential for the students to learn and master the latest technologies in order to be corporate ready. As a consequence, teachers are combining technology with traditional mode of instruction to engage students in long term learning. College uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of education.

The following tools are used by the Institute ICT Tools:

The institution is equipped with 7 Projectors, 4 smart boards installed at different classroom and seminar hall, desktops and laptops are arrainged at Computer lab and faculty cabins. There are three digital seminar halls. Digital content is access by the student through MOOC platform (Swam Prabha, E-Gyankosh, EPG Pathshala etc.). The faculty and the students can access E-Content in the college library with Inflibnet resource. Online classes are conducted through ZOOM, Google Platforms.

Faculties are encouraged to use PowerPoint presentations by using LCDs and Projectors, Online search engines and websites to prepare for effective presentations. The faculties are recorded their video lectures and uploaded on YouTube platform for which the link is sent to students. Seminar halls and auditorium are digitally equipped where guest lectures, competitions and student interaction take place.

Teachers who are using ICT in Teaching Learning Process

Sl. No.Name of TeacherDepartment
1Dr. A. N. ChattarkiChemistry
2Dr. M A GadyalPhysics
3Prof. Sayed Wajid PeerzadeCommerce
4Prof. Sayed RizwanPhysics
5Dr. Ruqqia HashmiSociology
6Smt. S.M.HanchinalStatistics
8Prof. Abdul WahabChemistry
9Prof. Khalid ahmed NishaniBotany
11Smt. B.S.InamdarGeography
12Prof. M.A.PeeranHindi
13Dr. S.J.JahagirdarHindi
14Dr. S.M.DesaiChemistry
15Prof. A.M.SiddigiHindi
16Mr. Rajahmed JumnalComputer Science
17Mr. Suleman M HattarakihalEconomics
18Mr. Nazeer Ahmed AttarCommerce
19Mr. Md. Gouse PitaliPolitical Science
20Mr. Saddam Hussain MujawarHistory
21Dr. Syed Kaleemullah BashebanArabic
22Dr. A B DaphedarBotany
23Sadiqa HorpetiEnglish
24Dr. Azra InamdarEnglish
25Miss. G.M.KilledarCommerce