Department of Hindi

Year of Establishment: 1972Vision: The vision of the department is to impart knowledge of National language Hindi, its literature and functional Hindi to Non-Hindi speaking students.

Mission: To impart  relevant, quality education to the students; to inculcate the values of Indian culture; and  to teach the students the values of self reliance and service.

Career Opportunities: There are opportunities in teaching, research and as translators and Hindi Officers in various Institutions and Journalists.

Faculty profile, adequacy and competency of faculty

 Name of the Faculty  Educational qualification  Designation  Teaching  experience
 1.  Prof. M. A. Peeran  M.A B. Ed., M. Phil SLET  Asst. Prof.  6 years
 2.  Prof. S. J. Jahagirdar  M.A., B. Ed. SLET  Asst. Prof.  4 years
 3.  Prof. M. A. Siddagi  M.A., M. Phil. P.G.D.C.T.  Asst. Prof.  4 years
Contribution for Curriculum DesigningDesigning of Curriculum is under the purview of university to which the college affiliated. Hence, we follow the syllabus framed by university. Faculty members designed the syllabus for conducting certificate course in “Hindi Se Parichay”. Curriculum is designed for bridge course, remedial classes, enrichment classes.
The faculty member Mr. M. A. Peeran has attended workshop on “syllabus framing” of KUD in the year 2005. Mr.S .J. Jahagirdar has attended workshop on “syllabus framing” of Rani Channamma University, Belgavi in the year 2011Teaching, learning and evaluation
Department conducts bridge course for newly admitted students, conducting remedial classes for slow learners, conducting enrichment classes for advance learners, organizing seminars, group discussions by involving students, arranging guest lectures and surprise oral interaction about the concerned topics. Using ICT (LCD, OHP) Charts for teaching in the class. Department has maintained operative departmental library with more than 200 books.

Research and consultancy 

Two faculty members have been sanctioned minor research project funded by UGC. One faculty member has applied for minor research project funded by UGC. Faculty members are carrying research projects involving students funded by college. Faculty have published various articles in the national journals and books. Mr. S. J. Jahagirdar has edited two books titled 1.“Bharatiya Bhashayen: Sahitya aur samaj” 2. “Katha – Kanchan”, he has registered for Ph.D in KUD. Faculty members are visiting as a resource persons to various institutions. Department has applied one day seminar funded by UGC.

Trends in the success and drop out rates of students in the past two years.
The success rate is presently 90%. The dropout rate is 10% (the drop out primarily is due to their getting a seat in D.Ed. course, which gives them early job opportunity.

Innovative practices: 

Faculty members are mentoring the students through study circle, Conducting certificate courses, Conducting guest lectures, involving the students in college research project, faculty attending refresher courses/workshops/seminars, faculty members present research papers in the seminars/workshops, collecting feedback about curriculum, college, course, teachers from students, parents, employers and subject peers.